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Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting

The role of financial accounting in business is to enable organizations to make a sound business decision that is directly dependant on the availability of financial resources. Financial accounting is used to determine the financial soundness of the company, which is of larger interest to the shareholders, investors, bankers, suppliers and the external agencies like the government who are directly responsible for investing or financing the companies. Financial statements like balance sheets, profit & loss account among others indicate the liquidity of the company along with the current assets and liabilities that help determine the profitability of the company and the future earnings potential.

P K Lakhani & Co. is a pioneer in the field of financial accounting and have qualified specialists in the area which enables individuals and organizations in maximizing their financial capabilities by providing a systematic and professional approach to give the most optimized financial solutions which help in enhancing business profitability.

P K Lakhani & Co. has been offering a range of financial accounting services in the following:-

  • Financial statement analysis: At P K Lakhani & Co., we offer assistance to our clients by providing an analysis of financial statements like Balance sheet, Profit & Loss Account. We also help our clients in preparing financial statements like Bank reconciliation statements, trial balance, cash flow and fund flow statements among others. All the statements are prepared as per the standard GAAP principles and standards of accounting.
  • Transactions management: We help our clients in efficient transaction management with compilation of transactions, preparation of invoices, maintaining sales/ purchase journals for record keeping purposes, tracking cash receivables and payments due along with payroll processing. Our quick, cost-effective and customized solutions help the companies in maximizing their financial performance with improved profitability.
  • Budget planning: P K Lakhani & Co. assists its clients in identifying the gaps in the process of financial planning and investment with suitable financial models that enable companies improve their business potential. It also helps the clients in making appropriate budget allocations with the optimum use of the available financial resources for sound investment decision based on financial targets.