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Internal Audit

Internal Audit

Internal Audit is one of the major areas which aid the organization to enhance business performance by identifying the growth areas with greater scope for improvement. The process of internal audit helps in reviewing the existing systems and their effectiveness by bench marking the best industry practices and comparing them with the audit processes and procedures presently in operation.

P K Lakhani & Co. is one of the leading management consultants who have been assisting clients across industries with flexible and result oriented solutions that enhance the organization’s performance by improving efficiency in the business processes.

P K Lakhani & Co. offers the following internal audit services to the companies-

  • Issues Related to Corporate Governance: Good corporate governance is the key to the success of any organization. P K Lakhani & Co. assists organizations with issues related to corporate governance which help companies focus on greater business objectives by laying a strong foundation for better corporate governance with greater transparency in business procedures.
  • Risk Management: P K Lakhani & Co. assists companies by helping organizations focus on minimizing business risks by providing the management with efficient risk management tools and processes that can help them in risk mitigation. By regularly reviewing and monitoring the company’s financial performance, we suggest suitable remedies that can help organizations to respond better when faced with any kind of financial or operational risks.
  • Financial Review and Audit: P K Lakhani & Co. provides a full range of services like Quality audits, financial audit, software audit, regulatory audit among others which help companies in better audit management by maintaining high quality standards of their processes. Apart from that, the company also provides services in activities like audit planning, scheduling audit tasks, maintaining audit checklists, collection of relevant data, preparing audit reports with suitable suggestions and audit review from the external audit committee and the company’s management.