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Transfer Pricing

Transfer Pricing

The world is truly a global village today. Businesses know no borders and the sky is the limit. It, however, does entail reframing laws and ensuring uniformity of laws and regulations across the borders. Transfer pricing is setting a uniform price within a multi-divisional organization, particularly in regard to cross-border transactions. When goods are transferred from one company to another or even within a company but a foreign subsidiary there are factors which affect the division of profit within the company. This has led to the rise of transfer pricing regulations as governments seek to stem the flow of taxation revenue overseas, making the issue one of great importance for multinational corporations.

Professional companies help comply with the complex requirements of the multiple tax jurisdictions. If done without expert advice this could lead to waste of time and loss of funds.

Transfer pricing involves a lot of complex and dynamic issues. It involves planning to improve tax efficiency and defense posture, resolution of global controversies and strategic documentation.

P K Lakhani & Co. ensures smooth transactions and that proper documentation is done. This is a process of high-involvement which has to be done meticulously and according to the specifications.Planning needs to be done to reduce tax burdens. Keeping in mind the changing scenario and the multiplicity and complexity of laws and regulations an expert opinion is a must. Sometimes the pricing policy has to be defended and justified.